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ClassDojo is a mobile application that teachers can use to help monitor and reward children while they are learning. This application is primarily used for teachers to keep track of their students and to see what progress they are making. It is also used to help teach children what is expected of them to encourage children to be more engaged in classroom. Is a mobile application ClassDojo for teachers, parents, students. It is designed to provide a safe, secure, effective environment for teaching & learning. Provides a platform Dojo for Classroom for teachers to provide feedback, input, motivation for their students. ClassDojo helps educators teach & motivate their students, provides parents with a way to see what's going on in their child's classroom.

ClassDojo is a free software product for educationists and parents to use to keep track of students' behavior & engagement in school. Teachers can use the app ClassDojo to show students their progress in classroom, including graphs & charts to help students understand their strengths and weaknesses. Parents can use app Classroom Dojo to see what their children are doing in the classroom, as well as to send educationists feedback on how their children are doing in school.

Is an application ClassDojo download for teachers and parents to see how students are doing in class. Teachers can use this application to help them understand strengths and weaknesses of their students. Is for both educationists and parents to use and it is free to download and use.


Interface for this software product Class Dojo online is very clean and modern. It is very easy to navigate through app and is intuitive to use. Interface is also very aesthetically pleasing. Is free to download with a simple user-friendly interface. Educationists can create a class, assign students ClassDojo app download, start receiving feedback right away. Teachers can also use app to set goals & track student progress. Students can also interact with software product to see their progress, to share their progress with teachers and parents.

When you first open application, there is an option to sign up. The sign up process is easy and quick (more guides on You have to input your email and create a password. After signing up, you are taken to the main screen of application where you can enter a class code or search for a class. When you come in, you can see class's subject, date, time, teacher's name. There is a section for the students where you see their names, the grades they are in, how many points they have, and what they have done. There is a section for the educationist where you can see the class's grades, how many points they have, different activities they have done.


The ClassDojo app is very easy to use. Interface is straightforward and it is easy to navigate through software product to find necessary features. It is also easy to use app without any training. It is very intuitive, easy to understand. Is easy to use, has a user-friendly interface.


Software product has a lot of features and provides a lot of feedback about how the child is performing in the classroom. It provides a lot of useful information about student and it is easy to see what child is doing & what they need to work on. Has a variety of functions, including goal setting, tracking student progress. Teachers can use app to find out which skills their students are having trouble with, to help their students improve in those areas.


ClassDojo provides a lot of support for teachers. They have training programs for teachers to learn to use this app, they have a lot of information on website about how to use features. Software product ClassDojo for students has a lot of support with the help center. ClassDojo offers support for teachers, parents. Teachers can contact company via email or their website. Parents can contact the company via email, their website or the app.


  • What is difference between free and paid versions of ClassDojo?
    There are two versions of ClassDojo: free paid versions. Free version is a basic version with limited features. Paid version of ClassDojo for teachers offers more features and functionality.
  • What if we would like to have more than one class in one school?
    You can create a separate account for each class and invite those students to join you in new account.
  • How often will my child's grades be updated?
    Grades will be updated at end of each day.
  • Can I set the grading period?
    Yes, you can set the grading period in app.
  • Who can see my child's grades?
    Grade information is only accessible to teachers on Dojo platform.


ClassDojo is a free mobile app used by educators and parents to enable and encourage positive behavior in and out of classroom. Application can be found on Apple App Store & Google Play Store, can be accessed with a Dojo teacher school account. ClassDojo provides a safe positive environment in which students can track their progress, manage their behavior and share their accomplishments with friends. User interface is clean and easy to use, software product is supported by a suite of helpful features.

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